Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bye bye Bongo...

Oh, the open road! After packing all of our bags (a practice we are nearing perfection), throwing them into the bongo, saying our farewells, we hit the open road to Timaru. We drove for about 20 minutes and about 40 kms singing our own songs to fill the void of a working radio when the engine decided to make a loud bang and refuse to go any further.

After taking a look at the engine and calling a mechanic, we had faith that it was only a small set back. The mechanic arrives to tow us into town with a rope and a SUV. Cody manned the wheel of the Bongo while the mechanic simply tied the rope to the front of the Bongo and started driving. Though nervous, we made it into the shop and fixed a tube and made it back on the road!

Back on the road! It felt so good to have the open window air conditioning, watching the beautiful scenery, and we couldn't fail to notice the 3 cars behind us completely surrounded in... white smoke? The van started to fill with smoke and we pulled over immediately. After calling another new mechanic and getting towed into town (something we're getting really good at) we got the Bongo looked at again and got the bad news. The Bongo is dead.

Since we already customized the van for camping purposes, we used the van for the only thing that it was good for, a place to sleep. In the glorious town of Winchester, the next day we were adopted by the owner of the shop (thanks Neil!). Neil let us sleep at his house (which was conveniently located next door to the shop), gave us a ride to the grocery store and also drove us to Timaru to complete this long complicated leg of our journey.

Now, we have have been just spending our time reading and exploring the town of Timaru until we start our jobs on the 16th. We have also been cooking for ourselves to save some money, playing some frisbee, and yes, taking long walks on the beach. It's a rough life.

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