Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Bluebird. So long Timaru.

It’s hard to believe but our time here in Timaru is almost up! The past few weeks have been filled with lots of tomato picking and leaf trimming, a few walks along the country roads of the Canterbury plains, several trips to the library to lounge and read, one more car purchase, and a trip to the most beautiful lake in New Zealand.
Last week, we scrapped together the last of our savings to buy another car. This time we were a little smarter about it. We shopped around for a bit and ended up buying a car our bosses had seen while driving through the small town next to Timaru. The man selling the Nissan Bluebird has had about 3 of them and likes to fix them up and sell them again. He knew everything there was to know about the car as he had done all of the work on it himself. After a few test-drives it was a done deal. Though our budget is a bit tight now, we’re really excited to get back on the road and see more of this beautiful country.

On Tuesday, we took a day off from the greenhouse and drove about an hour and a half to Lake Tekapo. The lake is made from glacier water, which gives it an incredible turquoise color. Its unreal! Along the shore of the lake is an old church. It can’t hold more than 20 people but it sure has an amazing view. There are also several walking/hiking trails around the lake. We unknowingly chose the steepest one but with frequent breaks (filled with several disbelieving looks at each other and arguments over whether we should turn back) we somehow managed to tough it out. Making it to the top of Mt. John made all of our pain and suffering well worth it. The view was breathtaking.

We rested awhile and devoured our PB &J’s before trekking back down Mt. John. Back on level ground, we rewarded ourselves with a couple of beers and a round of mini golf.

This weekend our bosses, Helen and Kerry, are heading to Christchurch for a concert. We’re planning on tagging along to see more of the city and maybe meet up with Cody’s friend, Will, again. By Wednesday morning we’ll be saying goodbye to Canterbury Tomatoes Ltd. and making our way further south. We’re going to check out another small city, Dunedin, for a couple days before traveling west to our new home in Te Anau. We’ve rented a room in a small house there and begin waiting tables at Settlers Steakhouse on the 18th. We’ll be sad to leave our friends (and the sheep) in Timaru but we’re anxious to begin the next chapter of our New Zealand adventure!

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